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Cancer Hope Network

In addition to sharing their feelings and experiences, members of the support group can discuss practical information, such as what to expect during treatment, how to manage pain and other side effects treatment, and how to communicate with health care providers and family members. The exchange of information and advice can provide a sense of control and reduce feelings of helplessness.

Being diagnosed with cancer often triggers a strong emotional reaction. Although some people experience shock, anger and disbelief, others may feel intense sadness, fear and a sense of loss. Loneliness and isolation are other common feelings, because even the members and friends the most favorable family can not understand exactly how it feels to have cancer.

ThyCa support groups are free and open to everyone and all the survivors and their families, students, etc. You can contact the facilitator identified on each page by e- mail or phone, or you can simply show up the day identified! Friends and family are always welcome.

There have been a number of studies on the potential benefits of support groups for people with breast cancer. In 2005, a magazine article compared five studies (one not yet completed) involving support groups for patients with metastatic breast cancer. The article said that if a study has identified an increase in survival time resulting from participation in support groups, 9 other studies have shown no survival benefit. All studies, however, have indicated that participation in support groups had positive effects on the psychological well-being.

Once you have chosen a support group, you may need to allow yourself time to adjust to the group situation. Some people shared feelings easier than other times. It does not matter if you feel more comfortable listening.

Some people prefer to keep their feelings to themselves or to share only with close family and friends. Everyone has different needs. It is very important to find a healthy support system that works for you.

A support group is a gathering of people who share a common health concern or interest. A support group usually focuses on a situation or a specific condition, such as breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, drug addiction or the provision of long-term care, for example. Support groups are not the same as group therapy sessions. Group therapy is a formal type of mental health care that combines several people in similar circumstances, under the guidance of a trained professional mental health.

Support groups are also in a variety of formats, including in person, online or by phone. They can be run by professional facilitators and mdash; as a nurse, social worker or psychologist and mdash; or by group members. Some groups are education and structured. For example, the party leader can invite a physician, psychologist, nurse or social worker to talk about a topic related to the group's needs. Other support groups emphasize emotional support and shared experiences.

A cancer diagnosis may feel very insulating, especially where the diagnosis is a rare. To help your brother find community and social ties through a support group is a way to help reduce feelings of isolation. In addition, groups can be a valuable source of emotional support, resources and information from others going through similar experiences. Although it may be difficult to find a specific group of people with cancer of the salivary gland, there are many excellent resources available support.

While your fears are typical, sometimes they vary greatly. For example, at the time of check-ups, blood tests, or when a milestone or anniversary approaches you may feel sad, irritable or anxious. You to recognize and accept your feelings is the first step. Develop ways to deal with these feelings is extremely important and one way to be nice to you. An important act of kindness for you is to live in the present and to find ways to balance your fear of recidivism enjoy your life, and hope for continued wellness.

Support groups are a wonderful opportunity to talk with other women diagnosed with cervical cancer. Support groups provide a safe environment to share thoughts, ideas and feelings with others in a similar situation. Members of a support group often feel less isolated in their cancer experience as they exchange relevant information on medical issues, resources and practical concerns.

Be supportive to your son as he begins treatment may include helping to find the right support group, and other resources. You can search for it, to provide information specific group, and encourage her to talk to the group leader directly on issues and concerns.

The Indy Survivoars encourage a survivor of breast cancer and try out for the team. They insist that you do not have to be an athlete. In fact, there are two groups, one that competes and another just for recreation.

They had heard of a report by a doctor in Canada who has previous treatment on its head. Instead of sitting idle, he said dragon boat racing can significantly help the healing effects of the disease.

























Cancer Hope Network

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